Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today's Trials and Punishments

Lady Tapika and Lady Joie look down at a boy named Andy who was found guilty of multiple typing errors.

Our regular Dominion Justices Lady Tapika Tomsen and Lady Joie Arai were back this week for today's Trials and Punishments. Three different boys appeared before our court including a boy named Andy (shown above) who was sentenced to a writing assignment, and a boy named Joshua, who was found guilty of leaving his avatar afk in the middle of the conversation area.

Lady Maisy and her boy Russell.

Lady Maisy brought her boy Russell before the Justices today to confess his crime of vandalism of Dominion property. Russell was sentenced to repay his debt to Dominion and will be riding a bondage horse naked and greeting our visitors for the next week.

Thanks to our Justices for another great Trials and Punishments. See you next Thursday at 3 pm SLT.

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