Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday at Dominion

Lady Zarita Shan sits with Fawaz Mavinelli at her feet at today's Femdom Confessions.

It was a busy day at Dominion today starting out with our biweekly Slave Auction. Miss Destiny Teardrop stepped in for Lady Madeleine Broome who was off on an RL adventure. We had 6 great boys for sale and the ladies came prepared to shop. Good luck to everyone and thank you to Miss Destiny for stepping in.

We sent out a new group gift today, a set of the charming, yet very appropriately named , 'Dominion Asskisser' poseballs. Ladies, if you didn't get them yet, go back in group notices and grab them. They are lots of fun.

Lady Ravanys Lavendel lead an increasingly popular Femdom Confessions event at 4 pm SLT. There were more fantastic confessions for everyone to enjoy and a big game of Truth or Dare. This event has become rather legendary at Dominion, in no small part due to it's hostess, Lady (or, ahem, Sister) Ravanys. Come check it out next Saturday.

Lady Syriana Paine and her dance partner Den enjoyed the music earlier tonight on the dance floor.

After Femdom Confessions many of the crowd stayed and enjoyed some great music provided by Lady Syriana: a great way to wind down and end the day.

Thanks to all of our event hostesses today, and to everyone who came out. It's been a really fun day at Dominion.

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