Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Media X

Lady Syriana and Maddox

Lady Medussa and Lady Aebleskiver

Lady Tamar and Xavier

Lady Sophie and Alexi

It was another fun Media X yesterday although no one did their homework! I hope to see some more clips from all of you next time. Luckily, Gregie brought a bunch of clips to choose from. Here are the ones I chose to share with the group. Enjoy!
[7:51] Goddess Starla puts a strap-on her chaste husband slave and pretends he is her ex-boyfriend while he fucks her with it.

[10:37] Teased Tied And Tormented

[10:16] Femdom Handjob Tease and Denial with clothes pegs

[5:44] Lesbian Femdom Torture

[2:12] Captive Male - pain and pleasure, and Ladies cum first

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  1. You should put some tags on the Media X posts, Miss Eva, so we can go through and watch the pr0n that we missed. LOL!