Friday, October 30, 2009

Earthshaking Trials!

The crowd looking on

Dominion Justice Lady Joie on the dias

Dominion Prosecutor looks down at Severin

Lady LaBioch and Jseb with a bar of soap in his mouth

Lady Sue spanking Mat

We had some very badly behaved subs that needed to be straightened out at Trials yesterday including Mat, who received a sound spanking from Lady Sue, and Jseb, who was sold to Lady LaBioch for a week of hard training. However, the most exciting (and scary!) part of Trials may have been Dominion Prosecutor Lady Sara describing how her house was shaking after which she disappeared for a good long while. Not to worry though, the utility company was just putting up a new pole in her yard. All is well except for her raspberries, and Lady Sara plans to fight for compensation for that (you know how lawyers are!).

As always, a big thank you to Dominion Justice Lady Joie, Dominion Prosecutor Lady Sara, and Dominion Defense Electra for the dedication and sense of fun they bring to this event every week. Thank you also to everyone who participated. We'll see you next Thursday!

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