Monday, November 30, 2009

A Discussion on Abuse

Lady Mandalay with Bret and Lady Maisy

Miss Jade with Kirk and Miss Tora with Erique

Lady Coco

Lady Syriana with Loth and Rile

A view of the group

Sunday's discussion was on the topic of abuse. We all know it happens, whether its with a new Domme thinking every sub wants to feel the heel of her boot or in the most established relationships. It can happen to Domme or sub and it can make you feel helpless.

We covered far too much information to summarize here, but if you feel you are being mistreated there is help. Contact one of our staff members or myself and we can help with resources or just an ear to listen. If you are suffering abuse in real life, there are a number of places you can turn. Talk to your friend, family, call your national abuse hotline, or the police if necessary. The important thing is to speak up and be heard.

D/s and BDSM should always be safe, sane, and consenual. If you are being forced to do things that hurt you emotionally or physically, or in a situation where 'no' is not heard or respected, you are in an abusive relationship. Speak up, get help, and be heard. BDSM is NOT abuse.

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