Monday, November 23, 2009

Our New Resource Centre

The Dominion Resource Centre at Dominion Luxe

Yesterday we finished installing the new Resource Centre at Dominion Luxe. This calm and relaxed meeting place includes information about Dominion, Femdom and BDSM in SL, and other information about your avatar and Second Life.

The Resource Centre is open to everyone to check out. Those who are more experienced in Second Life might be surprised to find that much of the information is helpful to them as well. Sit back, grab an espresso, and enjoy the read.

I owe a huge thank you to Lady Joie Arai, who worked so hard to put this Resource Centre together. She spent a lot of time organizing and preparing this information for the simple reason she stated to me: "It's something that's important to me". It is a fantastic resource to our members and visitors. Thank you Joie.

You can reach our Resource Centre at Dominion Luxe by clicking the sign above the gift table near the Castle doors, or simply by looking up Dominion Luxe in search. There you will also find our free menswear store, Gratis, and our Femdom Art Gallery. We hope you enjoy visiting.

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