Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big Talkers

Lady Morgana, Lady Ahayla, Lady Terpsichore, Lady Vyxsin, Lady Amaerin and subs Lucian and Dragonne

Lady Joie, Lady Ravanys, Lady Ghost, Lady Angel, and subs Tommy, Lone, Oodles, and Jayson

Lady Janice, Lady Colt, and sub stev

Miss Destiny, Lady Della and subs Archangel and Galaxian

Lady Athenia, Lady Jem, Lady Cherrie, and subs Bret, Nyjlaus, and Mickey

Lady Ahayla and sub Heather

Overlooking the crowd at today's Discussion

After a break last week, Miss Destiny was back in full force with today's Discussion Group. We had a BIG and lively crowd. Thanks to everyone who came out to participate.

Thanks also to Miss Destiny for her hard work leading this event. It is always an interesting and thought provoking hour. See you next Sunday!


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