Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So Here's What I Missed....

I'm back after a brief absence and its seems you were all very busy! Here's a few photos ....

Saturday's Femdom Confessions

The lovely Lady Hanna steps in to lead

Rocking out at the Heaven n' Hell bash

I knew you all would burn the place down if I wasn't around!

Hanging out at Thursday's Trials

It was Texas style justice with Lady Eloise presiding

Lady Hanna leading her Black and Blue Munch

Naked subbies at Media X

AND...Lady Hanna leading Media X with a naked Jimmy

I had some computer issues that unexpectedly kept me away over the past few days and I want to thank all of the ladies who stepped in to cover for me! It looks like I missed a lot of fun!

Unfortunately I had all of the info for Mr. Dominion so that was one big event that could not be done in my absence. Keep your eye on notices for a new date.

I missed you all and am looking forward to seeing you all on sim!

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