Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shaking Things Up For 2012

I've given the calendar a big shake for the New Year!  Here's some of the changes:

-shelving  Media X for the time being.  This doesn't mean gone forever, just giving it a break

-cutting Bitchfest and our Interview events back to monthly to allow for more variety

-Trials is going to 2 pm (still Thursdays), with the exception of our monthly evening version, Night Court, which will remain at 7 pm.

-we are going to add a themed Trials once a month. Watch for our Medical theme January 12th!

-we are going to try an Off Topic discussion in place of one of our hunts this month. Topic to come!

-by popular request, a monthly cocktail party has been added: D Bar :)

-added a monthly matchmaking event to hook up Dommes and subs for 1 day trials

-we love couture so get ready for the Fashion Cafe every month!  I hope to invite designers to come in and show us new designs as well as talk about our favourite fashion finds, fetish and mainstream

-Lady Ruby is going to be running an evening building class, Prim Torture, for all of you interested in building

-watch for Domination Inspiration, an event where you ask questions anonymously about D/s, Femdom, and BDSM and your fellow Dominion members give their answers.  It's a way to exchange thoughts and ideas in a safe environment.

-Open Mic is going monthly and moved to Friday at 8 pm

-Sunday Morning Meditations are back at 11 am on Sundays (with the exception of the one Sunday Jade mentors at 11...will give Gia a break :P)

-Many of our most popular events remain at the same time and day including our big Sunday Discussions, Mingling, Confessions, our Friday parties, etc.

Some more tweaking may come.  Keep an eye on our calendar on our website here:

We are really looking for more evening events so if you are interested in hosting something please notecard me with your idea and preferred time and day.  Please note Mondays are EVENT FREE days with the exception of Mentoring.

If you can't commit to something regular, please consider doing a one time discussion under our Discussion Roulette program. Dommes and subs are welcome to host.  Please contact myself or Lady Hanna Gossamer inworld for more info.

Thank you all for supporting our community in's to a fantastic 2012!

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