Friday, September 28, 2012


Her Judgery, Miss Destiny

A headless Matria

The courtroom

Our handsome defense attorney, Dead Linden

Vasil and Jack

It was another fun Trials yesterday with Miss Destiny in front of, and behind the bench!  That's right, our judge was on Trial for handing the Cheer Off trophy to the subs. Thank goodness justice was done and Miss Destiny and the subs will be serving beer and singing Oktoberfest drinking songs before our party on Tuesday. Don't miss it!

Oh and Dark rapped a plea during which the subs threw Dewey under a bus..check it out!

Please your judgery it wasn't our fault
We were up against the Ladies, it was a true assault
We won because a Lady decided so
Oh please your judgery,please let us go.

We didn't choose to win, we didn't want the glory
We didn't want things to get all messy and gory
We want the Ladies to be happy, I think they should of won
And it was a Ladies fault that we came out number 1

We were not the judge, and we didn't have a say
And now all that is left for us, is a little hope and pray
That you can see we are innocent, and didn't hope for this
He says as he gets down on his knees and gives your boot a kiss

I am not passing blame, trying to get others in trouble
But it seems without a cause we were marched here on the double
thrown in that small cell, and marched before her judgery
Oh please I beg you to think before you start your judging me

I want this to be right, I want to say Im sorry
I really hope and pray that there is no need to worry
But Ladies although its true you possess a lot of class
At the cheer off, we did really kick your ass!

So you ask how we plea, we would say not guilty
I think the way this had been handled was a little bit filthy!
We won fair and square, its time to learn to lose
even if its true, that your egos took a bruise

Beaten by submissives, how did you let it happen
Oh yes, it was the singing, and of course my awesome rappin
But in all honesty, we thought the Ladies would have took it
But please find us innocent, There is no need to book it

We apologize straight from the bottom of our hearts,
We even did get off to a couple of false starts
The Ladies did amazing, although we know you bit the dust
But wait a minute let me throw a sub under the bus

Our fearless leader takes the credit, then she isn't here
So much for the fearless I can almost taste the fear
Miss Lisa is to blame if you want to keep it real
She did make us win after all, and this is our appeal

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