Saturday, October 13, 2012

Anniversary Auctions!

Our big Anniversary Auction event earlier today

The Chattel sock puppet made by Miss Madeleine and purchased by Lady Persephone

Hosting the auction!

Our Free For All Auction today was a wonderful success! A big thank you to....

Lady Madeleine Broome for donating a Chattel sock puppet and Dominion lantern!
Leezu for a gorgeous fatpack of boots
Lady Persephone Absent for donating personalized readings
Sylver for donating his fantastic Fortune Teller from our Carnival
Queendom for an amazing Slave Swing
Miss Destiny Teardrop for a week of domination
Lady Zarita Shan for donating a day of Mary Poppinsesque awesomeness!
Chattel for donating his goldfishy self in an RLV tank
Boom for donating a 1000L gift certificate
Black Velvet Animations for donating the new Femdom Moves vehicle
Dondas for donating a Xcite long distance domination consultation
Rfyre for 3 very generous gift certificates
Madison for donating profile photos sessions
Lady Mo Miasma and Abiss for donating some gorgeous furniture
Lady Portia Porterfield for donating a lovely build
Lady Dalia Fermi for offering up a domination session
Lady Joie Arai for donating a custom mesh collar
Lady Fallen Starsmith and Darklivintus for offering up a custom DJ playlist

Did I forget anyone? Forgive me if I did!

I want to say a special thank you to everyone who bid today.  You were all so generous and it is VERY appreciated!  A special thank you to Darklivintus for rallying all of the subs and coming up with an amazing 81,000 L + for the Dominion (even though it  means Garth will be mayor for a to be fixed!).  You subs really astounded me!  Someone even gave me the names of people who donated and  I was amazed at how many of you contributed. Thank you!

It's wonderful that so many of you donated to keep the Dominion going but more than anything, the fact that so many people donated items, lindens, or even more importantly, their time and love, that's what I find the most amazing.  Thank you everyone!


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