Friday, November 16, 2012

A Couple Changes...

We've recently updated some of our facilities and will continue to do so over the coming weeks.  The main change has been the removal of the Fashion District on the main sim and the addition of a dedicated events area. We've also moved the Art Gallery to Dominion Fetish. Watch for our debut show at our new Gallery December 2nd.

Along with these physical changes we've changed our 'observer' tags to 'visitor' tags to get away from the expectation of roleplay some visitors may have. We've also changed the group tags by removing the Dominion 'slave' tag as an option and only offering the 'sub' tag. Ladies are now given the option of a 'domme' or 'mistress' tag. High Mistress and Esteemed Lady tags remain staff only and our Lady Of The Dominion tag remains for our senior members. Subs, if any of you must have the Dominion 'slave' tag please see a Liaison about an invite to our sub only group where you can have a slave tag assigned.

Our process for becoming a Lady Of The Dominion has also changed. It is no longer an application process but rather a nomination process. What that means is our current LOTDs can suggest and subsequently vote on new Ladies Of The Dominion. I'm sure our LOTDs will do a great job of nominating ladies who are active and dedicated to our community.

Thank you all for your support in YEAR FIVE of The Dominion! It's been really refreshing to update things while maintaining our standards and traditions. Watch this space for more news!


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