Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mixing It Up!

Some of you might have heard a bit of talk about changes and updates coming to The D.  Here's what you can expect to see over the next week or so, and what's been done already.

The Dominion Art Gallery moved to our Fetish sim and installed in a new mesh build.  Look for a grand reopening from our curator Lady Janice Jupiter!

The Confessions Bar has been updated with a new mesh build and now includes a permanent 'Sub Drop In' area for discussions and hanging out. Look out for the go karts and basketballs!

Our Resource Centre and other facilities are off Dominion Luxe, which will now go strictly residential.  Look for the Resource Centre to be relocated to a new landing area on the main sim.

On Monday our Fashion Mall will be removed to make way for a new events area.  We'll be holding our big Friday parties and some (but not all) other events in this large space.  Our courtyard area will no longer have to be disturbed for dances and other events.   The close proximity of the events area to the courtyard will be handy for those who want to join in and easily visible for those who drop by.

Many other subtle updates will be done as well over the coming weeks. We often update furniture and equipment without much fanfare but you may notice some changes to builds as well.  Our main castle will stay as is, at least until someone makes a high quality mesh one that can replace it!

Please bear with us during these changes. We'll get them done quickly with as little disturbance to our membership and our events as possibly.  Our Tour HUDs, info notecards and website will also be updated after all the physical changes are installed.

I think you'll be excited about the fresh look and updates but won't find the changes too jarring.  Most of all, we want to continue to improve and change with the times while still making sure you feel at home.

Watch this space.....


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