Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Just a little update on our sim changes.  The event area is now complete. I hope you have all been enjoying the larger space!  I am looking forward to redesigning our event sets to better fit over the coming weeks.  I've also tweaked the courtyard a bit to include stairs down to the water and the Fetish sim.  The design of this will be modified in coming weeks when I have more time to do the custom mesh work.

Our landing area has now been moved farther away from the courtyard.  I've also changed our 'observer tag' to a 'visitors tag' and made it a physical object so it's more visible.  All the rest of the info is unchanged.

Thanks for your patience as we've done these physical updates. It's nice to freshen things up while still maintaining tradition, isn't it?  I'll keep you posted with any other changes but the big stuff is now completed :)


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