Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thank You!

I want to thank everyone who hosted or participated in our Women's Leadership events this past week.  From our Women Rising Exhibit at our Art Gallery (still showing, by the way), to The Vagina Monologues, our Dinner Party and all of the outstanding discussions and parties, it's been a fun, fascinating, and thought provoking week. It's been such a success we plan to bring it back as an annual event.

I'd like to especially thank Lady Dalia Fermi who inspired this series of events by sharing with us her advocacy work in her local community. We wouldn't have attempted this without your inspiration, Dalia!  Thank you also for spearheading so many of the key events this week.

I'd also like to thank all of the wonderful men in our community who came out to our discussions and other events in such large numbers. I know I am not alone in saying how much the women in our community, domme or sub, appreciate your support. It was inspiring to see your participation and interest in this series of events. I am thrilled you felt they were of interest to you as well.

Ladies, I know we don't always agree and that there were some controversial opinions and idea presented this week.  It was wonderful to see everyone come out and hear each other and respect each other's viewpoints. It's the breadth and depth of our community that makes us strong. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your tears, your laughter, and your diversity.  It's been an amazing week!

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