Monday, March 18, 2013

Gladiator Games!

Gladiator Stefanius

Gladiator Patrick

The Patroness of our Games, Lady Crissy

The cheering crowd

The gladiators in action

Facing off

View from above

Gladitor Jarrod fight Steven

Gladiator Pinkakus claims victory at our first Gladiator Games!

How amazing was our first Gladiator Games at The D!  A big thank you to Lady Crissy and House Viper for orchestrating another extraordinary event for us!  I was amazed that we could have almost 60 people on sim and that the gladiators were still able to compete.  Outstanding job everyone!

To our gladiators who worked so hard to entertain us, down from the amazing costumes, the trainining, and even gladiator names and back! You were dazzling. Thank you for investing so much time to put on a great show. And a special congratulations to Pinkakus, aka Andy for winning the day with his fantastic fighting skills. Who knew skunks were so tough??

Thank you everyone!


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