Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Swap Meet This Saturday!

Lady Sara hosts our Spring Swap Meet this Saturday at The Arena!Wait til you see the cute set she's built for the event. Bring your good quality transfer stuff, kinky and otherwise, to what is sure to be a fun event. Contact Lady Sara for more info.

More info from Sara...


Hosted by Lady Sara Dimitriaski

From Lady Sara....

I sincerely hope you'll join us on Saturday Morning, March 16th from 9 to 11am SLT for The Dominion Spring Cleaning Swap Meet!  

Inventory out of control?  Well now is the time to get in cleaned out and back in shape!  Been slapping those gachya machines every chance you get?  The Swap Meet is the place to trade those colors and styles you don't want for the ones you do!  Have transfer things in your inventory that you just don't love so much anymore?  Bring them down to the Swap Meet, maybe someone else will! Or just come down and browse!  

Sellers and swappers can reserve a table ahead of time-please touch the sign in the courtyard for details.

Tables for sellers reserved on a first come first serve basis.

Everyone will appreciate items of a higher quality.  This is not the place to sell items that are old or super prim heavy.  We highly encourage you to try and sell/barter any clothing or items that are of DECENT quality.  Full perm items, such as free vehicles, funny hats, or things that make obnoxious noise, are garishly colored, or bling, are NOT ENCOURAGED.


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