Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Love Letter To Our Staff: Year 5

Staff meeting circa 2012ish

About six weeks ago I injured my arm and soon after, my internet service went to hell, leaving me unable to properly log in to Second Life for about 10 days.  But things didn't stop at Dominion and some of you probably didn't even notice I was not around. And that's because of our staff, the backbone of our community, the people who keep the Dominion machine running, day in and day out, for over five years now.  I would be remiss if during our anniversay celebrations I didn't take a moment to thank all of our staff, past and present, who have done so much to make Dominion what it is today. To each and every person who has served our community in this way, thank you for your care, love, and devotion. Our staff don't get paid, and often they don't even get thanked, yet they show up every day anyways and host events, help visitors, and support our community.  If you have a moment today and you see a staff member around, I encourage you to thank them for their hard work and loyalty to our community.  They are the reason we've kept our doors open for five years, a life time in Second Life.

A special shoutout to our current team. I adore each and every one of you. 


Lady Axelle Paramour
Lady Bambi Paulino
Lady Clarissa Greymoon
Lady Coco Firanelli
Lady Crissy Viper EM
Lady Dalia Fermi
Lady Eloise Mureaux
Lady Ephany Royce
Lady Fallen Starsmith
Lady Gabrielle Rhapsody EM
Lady Janice Jupiter EM
Lady Joie Arai EM
Lady Lauren Mordly
Lady Mo Miasma
Lady Nej Xue
Lady Noirran Marx EM
Lady Persephone Absent
Lady Raffila Millgrove
Lady Susannah Clary
Lady Tessira Soderstrom
Lady Tika Tiponi
Lady Zarita Shan EM


Liaison Casey Wildmist
Liaison Dondas Garrigus
Liaison Heather Steampunk
Liaison Madison Grayman
Liaison Matria Merlin
Liaison Mouse Moonwall
Liaison NIki Songlark
Liaison Patrick Turquoise
Liaison Sillien Adjani
Liaison SteJames

DOMINION ARTIFICER (in house designer) Maztor Giles

Thank you xxxx


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