Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blast From The Past: 4/3/09

As part of our 545 Fifth Anniversary Celebrations I will be posting some 'blasts from the past'. Here's one of our first blog posts from 4/3/09. Enjoy!

Lady Angel Keen, Lady Zarita Shan, and Lady Ravanys Lavendel posed on a variety of cages containing Dorian Ametza, ClanceCarter Turbo, and Anton Gummibaum. When asked why the ladies caged the boys, Lady Ravanys replied, "We put the boys in cages because it seemed like the subs around here were too numerous to count. We assumed, then, that they were off "breeding" somewhere... which HAD to be stopped! Such gratuitous lust must be curbed. So, we put them in cages." Makes sense to me!


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