Monday, October 14, 2013


Our big Anniversary Celebrations kick off on Wednesday!  Watch for loads of special events including...

Don't miss SUPREME COURT this Thursday at 2 pm SLT with our Queen Of Hearts, Lady Persephone! It's an Alice In Wonderland theme and anyone can bring up anyone else, domme or sub!

Our big FREE FOR ALL AUCTION takes place Saturday at noon.  Miss Pamela will be hosting this special event. Anyone can sell anything as a biannual fundraiser for The D.  We've got lots of fun stuff coming up including these offerings from The Dominion:

FRIDAY PARTY COORDINATOR: You pick the theme for a Friday party, put together a list of what you'd like to see for decorations, and choose the DJs! We have a great roster of regular DJs or you can bring in your own. We'll coordinate a Friday that works for you to make sure you can attend.

QUEEN OF DOMINION: Yes, you can be Queen For A Day! We'll give you a fancy tag, a special throne in the courtyard, Chattel as your minion and, of course, a crown! We'll also get you a special commemorative royal photo suitable for framing and hanging over the mantle.


YOUR WAY FOR A DAY: 12 hours where you make the rules at the D! You decorate the courtyard and call the shots! That's right, we're doing it again! CAN YOU HANDLE IT?? WILL THE GOLD GARTH STATUE MAKE A RETURN??

Much much more will be up on offer so make sure to come by for the fun, bid on some great stuff and maybe even hop up on the podium yourself!

I'll be hosting a special version of our Femdom Confessions event on Saturday....

Lady Joie hosts our big Anniversary Discussion Group on Sunday. We'll be looking at where we've been and where we are going.

Much, much more with special versions of all of our events during our 5 4 5 celebrations! Hope to see you at The D as we celebrate our community!


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