Saturday, November 30, 2013

Boogie Oogie Woogie!

Lady Summer

Lady Lauren

Lady Clarissa

Lady Lela and Damon

Lady Eloise rocking the house

Miss Eva



Lady Noirran and Steven

Our Disco Ball!

Lady Susannah


Lady Gabrielle


Lady Avila

Lady Athena

Lady Little Orchid

Lady Janice (not sure about the turkey in the background)

Lady Zarita

Tearing up the dance floor!

Lady Fallen and Heather

Lady Persephone


Lady Crissy and Sylver

Lady Eshi


Lady Jade

Lady Axelle

Disco Owen!

A big thank you to Lady Eloise and Lady Noirran for shaking the D to it's core last night with some killer disco music! How fun was that? That's for coming out to boogie, everyone!

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