Saturday, March 1, 2014

For Art's Sake.....

Did you notice Dominion Fetish, the sim to the north has been cleared?  Get ready for a big announcement and something surreal.....

‘For Art’s Sake’ is an exciting new art project in Second Life run by the Dominion Femdom Community.

We would like to invite SL artists to transform an entire homestead sim into a public art installation. This is an amazing opportunity to be creative, push boundaries and share your vision.


•The ‘For Art’s Sake’ sim is a homestead with 2000 prims available to the artist
•The project will be situated on a parcel surrounded by water
•Please note that the island is surrounded by residential sims therefore any terraforming must remain within the borders of the parcel
•Artists should be considerate of script levels and lag issues
•Each installation will remain in place for 5 weeks and will be open to the public
•Artists will have 2 weeks to create the installation between cycles, prior to opening to the public.

Application Process:

•Applications are open to all SL residents
•Submissions should include detailed descriptions as well as an ‘artist statement’. Drawings and mock ups are encouraged for the application process
•Applications should be submitted to Janice Jupiter via notecard.

Applications for the first cycle should be submitted by March 15th 2014. The successful candidate will be informed by March 22nd. Other candidates may be invited to resubmit at a later date.

Please note that, while the project is run, and funded entirely by the Dominion Femdom Community, it is not a requirement for all installations to be femdom related. However, we encourage applications which celebrate the feminine and are beautiful, thought provoking and powerful.

Please contact Janice Jupiter with any questions.


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