Tuesday, March 24, 2015


It's time for our seasonal silent auction event! And this time we are changing it up!  Promise to do something or promise NOT to do something!  Here's the details...


▒▒ What can I put up for auction?
Any promise that you like. Family friendly or X-rated! 

"I promise NEVER to talk about shoes."
"I promise to wear whatever you tell me to wear, for a week." 
"I promise NOT to wear anything but bikinis for a month."
"I promise to write a poem for you."
"I promise NOT to sing for a month."

▒▒ How do I put my lots up for auction?
Type promise into one of these *notecards and give it to Owen (Mouse Moonwall).

*notecards available from the sign in the centre of the courtyard or ask Owen or another Staff Member


▒▒ How many can I give you?
No limit. We will introduce a limit if we get too many.

▒▒ Where will the auction be held?
In the public courtyard.

▒▒ How do I view the lots?
To view a lot, click the board that interests you and read the notecard it gives to you. 

▒▒ How do I bid?
To bid, right click and "pay" the board. Only the winning bid will be kept. If you don't win, your money back.

▒▒ If I am outbid, when will I get my money back?

▒▒ How long do I have to bid?
The lots will remain open for bidding through Sunday April 5th.

▒▒ How do I view all the lots quickly?
You can click the small 'Get All The Promises' and 'Get All the Promises Not To' boards to receive a "dump" of ALL the lots into your inventory. You can browse them at your leisure, then locate and bid on the corresponding board in world.

▒▒ I have questions about a particular lot, who do I ask?
Talk directly to the person offering the lot. They will honor all inquiries about the details of their lot and even begin negotiations with you if needed. If you can't get in contact with them, contact Owen (Mouse Moonwall).

▒▒ I have feedback/complaints/suggestions.
Please reach out to Owen (Mouse Moonwall) so that we can incorporate your feedback for next time. We need as much feedback as we can to make this fun and painless! :-)

▒▒ What if I have other questions?
Just contact Owen (Mouse Moonwall). 
He is at your service for all aspects of this event.

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