Saturday, October 31, 2015


Below are the results for our SADISTIC 7TH ANNIVERSARY AUCTION EVENT!  Together we've raised $117959 for our community! Thank you to everyone who offered up auction lots, bid, or otherwise supported the event.  A full list of winners is below.  Bidders and sellers are responsible for contacting each other. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!

Carl Coberts Lot: Winner Lady Saramoa $4000 
Lady Busty Miles 1 Lot:  Winner Lady Summer Teodosio $2000
Lady Busty Miles 2 Lot:  Winner Madison Grayman $1550
Lady Carla Putnam Lot:  Winner Kairy Scanlan $500
Lady Dalia Fermi Lot:  Winner Claudedemontpelier $25000
Dominion Lot 1:  Winner Lady Luna Jubilee $2100
Dominion Lot 2: Winner Lady Dalia Fermi:  $12000
Dominion Lot 3:  Winner Madison Grayman $30359
Lady Dreamy2u Aries Lot 2: Winner Dann Vale $600
Lady Evangeline Eames Lot 1:  Winner Claudedemontpelier $5000
Lady Evangeline Eames Lot 2: Winner Tobe Hyun $3000
Lady Karrie Lot:  Winner:  Xenon Rhapsody $5500
Lady  Paxson Lot:  Winner Lady Carla (Cyberspy Resident) $500
Kristopher Walpole Lot: Winner Lady Tika Tiponi $1000
Madison Grayman Lot: Winner Lady Busty Miles $500
Matria Merlin Lot: Winner Lady Persephone Absent $500
Lady Morana Lot 1: Winner Lady Tika Tiponi $700
Lady Morana Lot 2:  Winner Skylog $5000
Niki Songlark Lot: Winner Lady Nej Xue $500
Lady Noirran Marx Lot: Winner Bo Fehr $5000
Lady Pamela Emmons Lot:  Winner Lady Gabrielle Rhapsody $3100
Patrick Turquoise Lot:  Winner Lady Elhyse (Kraaps Resident) $2000
Lady Persephone Absent Lot 1: Winner Carl Coberts $1000
Lady Persephone Absent Lot 2:  Winner Matria Merlin $800
Lady Persephone Absent Lot 3:  Winner Lady Carla (Cyberspy Resident) $3300
Lady Persephone Absent Lot 4: Winner Gabriel Rayner $2500
Lady Portia Swords Lot: Winner Bo Fehr $5000
Rageworks Lot: Winner Lady Susannah Clary $1100
Lady TanarraWhitewood Lot: Winner Lady Pamela Emmons $1000

TOTAL $117959

Bidders and Sellers are responsible for contacting each other to sort out the auction items and activities.  Auction items/activities must be provided/completed within 14 days of the auction close.



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