Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Anniversary Dominion!

As we wrap our 8th Anniversary events I send to you all this small but sincere thank you. This year has been particularly momentous for me, including a transcontinental move and getting married.  Although The Dominion has never been a one woman job, this year more than ever I've relied on our staff to keep things rolling.  They did so admirably, with their usual enthusiasm and good humour.  When I say I couldn't do it without them, I mean it more than ever.  To the staff of The Dominion, thank you, 

Thank you also to our regulars, dominant and submissive, who pitch in daily and help out as needed, be it quietly helping a visitor or stirring up enthusiasm for our events. We are lucky so many wonderful people call Dominion home.

Finally, I send out my gratitude to those who have moved on from The Dominion.  I've said it before:  The Dominion is a brick wall built by many hands. The work remains and we continue to build upon it every day.

I'll end with a look forward.  I expect our ninth year will bring many changes.  Sansar, what some are calling Second Life 2.0 is on the horizon. Our community has grown in experience and sophistication which means what we offer must also evolve.   I look forward to seeing what's next, and hope that you'll all come along or the ride.

With love,

Eva xxxx

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