Friday, November 2, 2018

Make Over Time!

Last night I found the following message in my mailbox:

Dearest Eva,

Some of our wonderful friends have come and gone over the years.  And most recently we've seen the return of several Dominion characters.  One of which was Jimmy69 Oh.  A long standing ruffian of our dear community Jimmy is well known to all the old-timers.  Those of us who've been there from the beginning will remember with a chuckle how many times he was shot off the sim, from the circus cannon. So much in fact that we started to refer to it as the Jimmy Cannon.

So Jimmy has recently returned to us, awkward as a day old sub in the dungeon. I'm always up to torture boys, so I so very graciously offered to "assist" Jimmy.  My false promises of turning him into panty dropper in about 2 hours if he could just manage to follow instructions, was the siren song of such wondrous fantasies.  Like most boys, he was a bit overwhelmed by all the new technology, so it was more like 2 days.  He went from 2009 to 2018 screaming and swearing delightfully!  And now Jimmy is ready to woo the ladies with his typed accent and new look!

Until next time!





Impressive work, Joie!  Congrats Jimmy!


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