Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Mad Libs!

Lady Brez

Lady Peregrine with Henrik, Meldoran, and Cam


Lady Khelan

Lady Phen



Thank you to Lady Peregrine for hosting our latest round of Mad Libs AND for providing a couple of amusing excerpts from the event (see below).  Thanks for coming out everyone!



"Nela, come!" I hear my owner call out. My feet perk up --  is that the sound of the garage door opening? Suddenly, I am excited from my head to my labia. Can it be? Am I going for a chopped car ride? I bound to the door, where I see my owner getting into the car. She pats the seat. "Come on, meat!" she calls. This is the best orifice ever! I hop happily into the front seat and immediately stick my nipples out of the car window. We drive away down the street, passing houses and mailboxes and children. I can feel the wind in my buttocks and the sun on my fingertips, and everything smells defamatory. Where are we going? I wonder slyly. So you can imagine my elevator as we pulled into the parking lot of Dr. Cam's office. We're going to the vet? For fuck's sake! This is the worst fucker ever!



Dear Miss Phen

I'm sorry to tell you this, but I'm leaving you. Every day I come home from Millyways and you're playing Sexy Fortress with Miss Khelan. What about our time together? You said you would take me out for spaghetti on Bicycle Day, but you never did. You said you would take me to see The Messy Badger of Mr. Marlow, but you never did. It's my rigid movie! All you want to do is shoot canopies at people's ankles on the computer. It's ruining my life. Even Lance said that you play too much! When are we going to go to Guantanamo? When are you introducing me to Marilyn Monroe? I guess those were all lies. Thanks for the testicles but it's over. Good-bye forever.


Miss Peregrine



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