Monday, November 19, 2012

A Day That Will Go Down In Infamy!

Mayor Garth and his embarassed ex owner Lady Gabrielle

Tyson's now infamous 'Garth' statue decorated by various members

Garth and Jeannie attempting to put the dommes on trial 

Garth presiding over court

We finally had enough and chopped off some heads!

Lady Wycked surveying the headless subs

The loungers, big screen tv, gorean style throne and an assortment of other crap rolled out at 10:01 am this morning and things got progressively worse as Garth's rein as mayor continued. By the end of the day the subs were trying to put the dommes on trial and we simply had enough! Heads ended up rolling, Lady Gabrielle disowned Garth (for a few hours at least), and a few subs were in tears. That will teach you!

In all seriousness a big thank you to Garth and all of the subs for putting on a fun day for us. I know there was lots of planning to bring some silly mayhem to the D and I appreciate everyone going along with it.  I think the subs did a wonderful job of having fun and maintaining a respectful atmosphere. Well done everyone!

Thank you again to everyone who donated for this anniversary auction item. I hope you all felt you got your money's worth!  But don't count on Garth for a second term :P


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