Thursday, November 22, 2012

And While We're At It...

I'd also like to announce that the deliciously evil Lady Persephone will be our new regular Chief Justice at Trials & Punishments!  Thank you so much for taking the reins Perse! I know you will be fairish and firm.  Miss Destiny will be stepping down as she prepares to move to a different time zone.  I've always adored having Destiny host Trials, and will miss her no nonsense yet fun loving brand of justice, particularly the closing 'Dominion is safe again' speech.  But with Destiny in a new time zone in January, maybe we can coerce her in to some night time events.  Late nights with Destiny at The D? Yes please!

Lady Joie will continue to do her usual wonderful job hosting our Night Court sessions.  Thank you to all of our past and present justices here at The D.  Don't worry..order will be maintained and justice will prevail!


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