Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lady Summer Takes Your Confessions!

Femdom Confessions is one of our most popular events here at The D. With over 1300 original submissions over 3 and a half years, we've pretty much seen it all.  Heartbreak, hotness, silliness, we've been shocked, moved, and laughed til we cried.  All of this has been brought to you by a very short list of 'Chief Confessors' kicking off with Lady Ravanys Lavendel, then formally taken over by Lady Syriana Paine, til finally our most recent hostess, Lady Zarita Shan took the reins. In between many of our ladies and even a few subs have stepped in to guest host.  Each has brought their own special vibe yet I've never ceased to be amazed by the consistent, intimate feel of the event itself. What makes it so special is hard to say.  Maybe it's the fact that we put everything else aside and just listen to each other pour our hearts out each week.

I am thrilled to introduce our new yet familiar Chief Confessor, Lady Summer Teodosio, who has picked up the torch for Confessions.  Summer will be hosting and also coordinating guest hosts, some of whom you know very well, including this Saturday's hostess, Lady Persephone Absent.  Thank you to Summer, Persephone, Crissy, and all of the ladies who have stepped up to take care of this very special Dominion event.  I know it's in good hands.

My biggest thank you here goes to Lady Zarita Shan, one of my dearest friends, comrade in arms, and favourite people anywhere. Zarita handled all of your confessions with care and got up in the wee hours to host or prod you in to writing and sharing with us.  I love you Zarita, even though you are Australian and your ancestors were criminals.  Looking forward to sitting with you in the cheap seats as a spectator and occasional guest host at the scandalous, infamous, often imitated but never matched, FEMDOM CONFESSIONS.


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