Sunday, November 18, 2012

Garth's Way For The Day!

Monday is the day! If you haven't heard yet, a bunch of our members pooled some funds for our anniversary auction and voted in Garth Hancroft to be the Mayor of Dominion for a day.  Garth's rules (or rulz as he calls them) will apply from 10 am til 10 pm SLT Monday the 19th only.  Here are the 'rulz' for the day:

Greetings and welcome to The subminion!

For this wonderful occasion the subs have taken over the sim formerly known as the The Dominion and we have renamed it "The subminion".

From 10AM to 10pm SLT November 19th 2012, we find ourselves blissfully under the pseudo rule of his lowness Mayor Garth Hancroft (Rhapsody) and his reign and that of his Vice Mayors will rule semi-supreme.. (as long as his Owner Gabrielle Rhapsody and Miss Eva allow it.. eeeps!)

The subminion rulz:

1. The Ladies must all be super sweet and super tolerant, think Miss Zarita on happy pills. The three possible penalties for breaking this rule are:
A. Sing at Open Mic (Friday, Nov. 23, 8:00 p.m. -9.00 p.m. SLT) (real songs, no poetry or stories, etc, we want to here some sing'n!)
B. Read a STEAMY confession of your own writing at confessions.
C. Appear at Trials and be tried for your crimes and be sentenced accordingly.

2. subs can sit on anything they like including chairs that they bring to the D. subs may not sit on the couches (cuz they might get the upholstery dirty)

3. There will be a special trial at 7:00 PM SLT. The primary defendant is our most worshipful Lady herself Miss Eva. subs and ladies alike are welcome to testify against Miss Eva for various crimes that she may (or may not) have committed. In addition to Miss Eva we will also be trying any lovely lady that has broken one of the subminion rulz and chooses this as her penalty.

4. Rulz are subject to be change, be added to, etc. etc. etc. and the pseudo administration will make a lame effort to notify its citizens of such.

Note from Dominion Staff: While "Mayor Garth Day" is for the expressed purpose of everyone having fun and enjoying themselve, we would like to remind all submissives taking part to keep in mind that The Dominion is still a Femdom and your behavior should, at all times, be in keeping with that theme

In all seriousness we ask everyone to keep their sense of humour handy for the day and for all the subs to remember we are still a Femdom environment. Let's have some fun and enjoy ourselves!

Oh and ladies, don't forget to send all of your complaints, concerns, suggestions, musings, thoughts, ramblings, and anything else that crosses your mind to Garth Hancroft, Mayor For The Day!  


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