Saturday, March 16, 2013

Partying Roman Style!

Lady Clarissa and Tim

Lady Crissy

Lady Coco


Lady Veronica and Matt

A few shots from our Gladiator Bash last night. A big thank you to our fantastic DJs! Everyone looked amazing. I hope you had fun!

Oh and some horrible puns courtesy of Mouse...

[15:42:14] Mouse: I met a Lady who tried to flatter me into wearing a loincloth. I said, "Stop Grecian me up, Miss." So the Lady says to me, "Do you see that column, boy? I might tie you up. Better watch it." And I said, "Yes Miss... I'll keep my Ionic." The Lady was so displeased, I had to Apollo-gize. She said, "If you're not wearing a loincloth, then put some pantheons right now." But I stopped in the middle. She said, "What's wrong?" I said, "I'm sorry, Goddess, I'm losing Minerva." Later, I did try to lighten her up. I told the joke about the ex-Satyr, but it was deadpan.


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