Friday, March 15, 2013

We Are Dominion!

Our big Gladiator Bash kicks off the weekend at 3 pm SLT! Come and party to some fantastic music as our DJs unleash hell! Costume dress is always encouraged but never required. Hope to see you there!

Our Gladiator themed events continue with our Gladiator themed Slave Auction on Saturday (sponsor a gladiator of your choice!) and our big Gladiator Games on Sunday.  See our calendar for times and more details.

Our Gladiator Games are brought to you by Lady Crissy and House Viper.  They've been working VERY hard on this for everyone's amusement. I hope you'll come out and support the events. If the last events produced by Crissy and her boys are any indication, it's going to be an amazing games! See you there...


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