Saturday, October 19, 2013

Free For All Auction!

Lady Aly kicked us off with her big pussy!

Hosting with a very demure Miss Pamela

Doc on the block

Lady Summer

Lady Raffi

Lady Gabrielle and Madison

Lady Majik

Lady Persephone and Reeva

Lady Clarissa


Our big 545 Auction!

We filled the sim!

Lady Crissy and Casey

A fetching Lady Axelle

We had so many wonderful auction lots and not enough time to get to them!

Watching the show



 A big thank you to everyone who donated time, lindens, and energy in to our biannual Free For All Auction! We raised 406837 L for the sim! Thank you everyone for all of your love and support!  A special thank you to everyone who wanted to auction off items but couldn't due to time constraints. Your desire to contribute is very much appreciated. Thank you also to my wonderful co-host Miss Pamela and to Owen for being such a big help during this special event.  You all amazed me once again with your generousity and support!  What an amazing event!


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