Saturday, October 19, 2013

Our Anniversary Masquerade Ball!

The incomparable Lady Eloise spinning her 5th Masquerade Ball for us!


Lady Kaitlyn

Lady Danika

Lady Persephone

Lady Kiki

Lady Lauren

Lady Fallen and Heather

We peaked at 60 on sim during the party...amazing!


Lady Little



Lady Crissy and Sylver



Lady Susannah and Sillien

Lady Runa

Lady Fang

Lady Fawna


It was an unforgettable evening at our 6th Annual Masquerade Ball! Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate 5 years of The D with us! Here's a few photos from the party. I'll be adding more to our Flickr group.  Everyone looked amazing!!

A special thank you to Lady Eloise, our wonderful DJ who made the evening so spectacular with four hours of gorgeous music. It's the 5th Masquerade Ball Eloise has DJ'd for us and I know she put her heart and soul in to choosing just the right music to make the evening special. Thank you Eloise - we could feel your love and see how hard you worked for us. It was amazing. Book us for next year please!


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